American Trail Running Association's October 2019 Trail Ambassador

Race Director Paul Gigliotti is honored to be ATRA's October 2019 Trail Ambassador!

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The for-profit, for your non-profit!

We have a big heart, and we want to help you succeed and provide a first-class event!   Pirate Perry Events offers our services to assist in all aspects of event and race management. If you're looking for an incredible experience and raise some money year after year, we're here to help you!

We plan events for: 

  • Runners
  • Triathlons
  • Hikers
  • Paddling
  • Cycling
  • Athletes
  • Everyone and anyone!

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We will talk with you to learn about your goals and  present levels of experience and the current state of your event.  Ranging from consulting to full blown race management, we have you covered!  If there's something we don't cover....we have friends that do!  

Where Did Pirate Perry Come From?

Let Us Explain

First, he came from up north, greater Detroit to be more precises.  Secondly, he came from the imagination of my then five-year old daughter.  I said to the kids, "What are we going to call Dad's race management company."  Then instructed them to take their time and think about it.  Knowing that kids can come up with the most obscure ideas, I patiently waited. 

Fast forward two weeks to where the five-year old comes blazing into the bedroom.  The conversation went like this:

Kid:  Dad, I have a name for your races!

Me:  Sweet, let's hear it.
​Kid:  PIRATE!! (with ear to ear smile and arms out in excitement)
Me:  "Pirate" hugh, that's it?  Just...Pirate?
- brief pause -
Kid:  No PERRY!
Me: I like it!  Let's roll with that!


Has Pirate Perry made it to the big show?

 "How Runners Can Celebrate Earth Day Every Day"

What People Are Saying About Our Events


The Best of Arkansas

The Best of Arkansas


Thanks for a great event! That middle section was challenging but fun. Never run anywhere that had ropes to help climb out of the ravine. 

Rocking Chair are great hosts too. From the parking guy wishing me well before the race to Jane knowing approximately what my time was when I was checking out, they are engaged with the event.

     - Brent H., 50K finisher, Imperial, Missouri

The Best of Arkansas

The Best of Arkansas

The Best of Arkansas


 From the article, "The 15 Best Road Races in Arkansas," Pirate Perry Events is stoked to report that two of our races made the list!  

Thank you Best of Arkansas for your recognition!

Arkansas Outside

The Best of Arkansas

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?


Arkansas Outside who provides information on outdoor sports throughout Arkansas, specializing in participatory sports like running, cycling, paddle sports, climbing, and hiking, wrote this great review of the 2017 David's Trail Endurance Run. 

Arkansas Outside also gave us this awesome review of the 2016 David's Trail Endurance Run!  Read and see what you missed!

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?


Read this Trail Town article from the American Trail Running Association's Trail Town series.   There's a lot happening in our area!

Jog With Your Dog

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?

White River Marathon


Well + Good ( has Jog with Your Dog representing Arkansas as one of The Fifty Coolest Races You Can Run This Year [2016]

White River Marathon

What's it Like to Run in Arkansas?

White River Marathon


Runner's Goal ( has put White River Marathon in the top 5 marathons in Arkansas - Read about it here

Who Is Pirate Perry?


Who We're Not!

We hate suits and indoor florescent lighting. Hating suits is one of the reasons we got into this business in the first place.   This is a stock image, we simply can't decide what pic to put in here and besides, we couldn't tell you where our suits, skirts or ties are anyway!

We Are Seasoned Directors and Athletes!

Fitness is fun.  Race Directing is fun in its own sick way.  Managing races is our way to merge hobbies, lifestyle, and the need to put food on the table!  We get excited to watch people succeed and even more so when we get to be a part of it!  

Paul Gigliotti - Director / Operator

It is an honor for Race Director Paul Gigliotti to take part in the  American Trail Running Association's (ATRA) annual race director conference as a panelist speaker.  The ATRA conference covers topics such as "greening" events, registration and logistical improvements, and other trends in the industry.    Also operating GIG Graphics, Paul gets a kick out of designing the apparel provided at Pirate Perry's Events!

Jake Anderson - Codirector

Jake co-directs us on the trail along with operating NC Arkansas' premier outfitter shop Norfork Adventure Supply.   The man is a trail running and manicuring beast, with a fantastic beard. 

Misty Krug - Social Media & Beyond

She's smarter than Pirate Perry and is an all-around bad-ass!  Follow Misty Krug's blog, Fueling with Real Food for  fitness & nutrition wisdom and some awesome recipes!

Makenna Gigliotti

Codirector, Jog With Your Dog - She has a love for animals and that's all there is to it!

Pirate Perry's Partners


Base Performance

Base Performance


Pirate Perry's Official footware sponsor!

Base Performance

Base Performance

Base Performance


Pirate Perry Events' Official Hydration & Nutrition Sponsor

GIG Graphics - Apparel & Beyond

GIG Graphics - Apparel & Beyond

GIG Graphics - Apparel & Beyond


Shirts, hats & those amazing Cup Collars, GIG Graphics keeps us looking fantastic!


GIG Graphics - Apparel & Beyond

GIG Graphics - Apparel & Beyond


Local gym and studio with some great retail and local running groups!

Registration Policy

Every event necessitates its specific Registration Policy, waiver, and rules.  The file below is Pirate Perry Events' policy regarding  deferral requests and such related items.  Please read Pirate Perry Events Registration Policy below.  

Registration Policy_PPE (pdf)